What is guidance?

We all reach points in our busy lives when we need some sound, un-biased guidance, but talking to a friend, family, a loved one or colleagues isn't appropriate, not comfortable or you'd just rather not tell them what's going on with you and your life right now. 

This is where I can help. No matter the subject, health, wellbeing, personal, lifestyle, you can explain, confide or off-load in comfortable surroundings, with no chance of interruption to a non-judgemental ear and of course, always in the strictest of confidence. I have a huge wealth of experience in many life experiences, I'm practically un-shockable and through mindful practices I always offer an impartial view, and the most holistic and practical guidance to meet your needs and life.

Receiving advice or guidance from a professional frees you from the worry, panic or stress that what you are saying might upset someone, it relieves you of the burden of possibly being judged or condemned, leaving you to fully concentrate on yourself and still be at one with the people and life around you. 



Better understanding of your emotional responses

Increased self-care and love

Eases anxiety

You are able to speak freely without worry

Stress relieving

Clarification on issues/problems/dilemas in your life

Gain mindful thinking and speech ideas

Enhanced harmony and peace in your life

Greater confidence and self-belief

Taming of the 'monkey mind'